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Sedentary Lifestyle and Cardiovascular Health
Soo Young Kim
Korean J Fam Med 2018; 39(1): 1-1  
Review Article
Efficacy of Boric Acid as a Treatment of Choice for Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media and Its Ototoxicity
Indri Adriztina, Linda Irwani Adenin, Yuliani Mardiati Lubis
Korean J Fam Med 2018; 39(1): 2-9  
Original Articles
Association between Female Urinary Incontinence and Geriatric Health Problems: Results from Korean Longitudinal Study of Ageing (2006)
Kyungjin Sohn, Chang Ki Lee, Jinyoung Shin, Jungkwon Lee
Korean J Fam Med 2018; 39(1): 10-14  
Understanding Dieting and Previous Weight Loss Attempts among Overweight and Obese Participants: Insights into My Body Is Fit and Fabulous at Work Program
Tengku Alina Tengku Ismail, Rohana Abdul Jalil, Wan Rosli Wan Ishak, Noor Fadzlina Hamid, Wan Suriati Wan Nik, Hamid Jan Jan Mohamed, Nor Haslina Mohd, Wan Nor Arifin, Wan Mohd Izani Wan Mohamed, Mohd Ismail Ibrahim, Rohaida Ismail, Tengku Fatimatul Tengku Hassim, Tahir Aris, Wan Manan Wan Muda
Korean J Fam Med 2018; 39(1): 15-22  
Effects of Module Development and Role Play Course on Clinical Practice Examination Scores during a 4th Year Clerkship
Kyong-Min Park, Kye-Yeung Park, Nam-Eun Kim, Bong-Kyung Seo, Hoon-Ki Park, Hwan-Sik Hwang
Korean J Fam Med 2018; 39(1): 23-28  
Association between Sedentary Time and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Korean Adults
Jae-Hong Park, Hee-Kyung Joh, Gyeong-Sil Lee, Sang-Jun Je, Soo-Hwan Cho, Soo-Jin Kim, Seung-Won Oh, Hyuk-Tae Kwon
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Analysis of Clinical Manifestations and Laboratory Findings in Children with Influenza B-Associated Myositis: A Single Center Study
Jae Woong Yoon, Du Young Choi, Seung Hyun Lee, Sae Ron Sin, Seung Taek Yu
Korean J Fam Med 2018; 39(1): 37-41  
Association of Fasting Glucose Level with Neutrophil-Lymphocyte Ratio Compared to Leukocyte Count and Serum C-Reactive Protein
Jin-Kyu Kim, Ah-Young Lee, Jee-Hyun Kang, Byung-Yeon Yu, Seong-Ju Kim
Korean J Fam Med 2018; 39(1): 42-50  
Case Reports
A Possible Case of Statin-Induced Ichthyosis in an Elderly Woman
Ki Dong Ko, Kyoung Kon Kim, Jin-Ok Baek, Heuy Sun Suh, In Cheol Hwang
Korean J Fam Med 2018; 39(1): 51-53  
A Case of a Girl with Arnold-Chiari Type 1 Malformation with Precocious Puberty
Min Sun Kim, Pyoung Han Hwang, Dae-Yeol Lee
Korean J Fam Med 2018; 39(1): 54-56  
Brief Communication
Beneficial Effects of Appropriate Sleep Duration on Depressive Symptoms and Perceived Stress Severity in a Healthy Population in Korea
Hyo-Min Kim, Sang Won Lee
Korean J Fam Med 2018; 39(1): 57-61  
Economic Status Inequality Is a Predictor for Screening and Health Utilization
Yousef Veisani, Ali Delpisheh, Salman Khazaei
Korean J Fam Med 2018; 39(1): 62-63  


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Comparing the Trend of Physical Activity and Caloric Intake between Lipid- Lowering Drug Users and Nonusers among Adults with Dyslipidemia: Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (2010-2013)
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