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Journal of the Korean Academy of Family Medicine 1991;12(11):7-13.
Published online November 1, 1991.
A statistic study on 616 cases of gastrofiberscopy.
Eun Jun Cho, Sung Jag Ahn, Hee Sung Rheem, Hong Ju Chung, Jong Hoon Chung
위 내시경 검사 616 예에 대한 통계적 고찰
조은준, 안승재, 임희상, 정홍주, 정종훈
부천대성병원 가정의학과
Some clinical data were obtained about 616 cases of Gastrofiberscopy done from Jan, 1989 to Jan, 1990 at the department of Family Medicine and Internal Medicine, in a general hospital near Seoul. The results were as follows.
1. Of the tatal 616 cases, 362 cases(58.8%) were men and 254 cases(41.2%) were women
2. Of the 616 cases, the 677 kinds of disease were found including those patients having two or more diseases at the same time. The final diagnoses were gastritis(54.9%), duodenal ulcer(13.4%), gastric ulcer(9.9%) and gastric cancer(3.1%) in order.
3. Of the 372 patients with gastritis, 210(56.5%) cases were male and 162(43.5%) cases were female. The peak incidence of gastritis was 3rd and 4th decade. The most frequent type of gastritis was superficial gastritis 280(75.2%).
4. Of the 91 cases of duodenal ulcer, 70(76.9%) cases were male and 21(23.1%) cases were female. The peak incidence of duodenal ulcer was 4th decade 35(38.5%) cases and 3rd decade in 28(30.8%) cases.
5. Of the 67 cases of gastric ulcer, 51(76.1%) cases were male and 16(23.9%) cases were female. Single ulcer was 48(71.6%) cases, multiple ulcer was 16(23.9%), and bleeding ulcer was 3(4.5%), and the most prevalent site of the ulcer was antrum in 28(41.8%) cases and body in 13(19.4%) cases.
6. Of the 21 cases of gastric cancer, 14(66.7%) cases were male and 7(33.5%) cases were female. The peak incidence was 7th decade(47.7%) and 6th decade, 5th decade in order. The prevalent site of the gastric cancer was body 10(47.7%) and antrum(42.9%). The most frequent type of gastric cancer was type Ⅱ in Borrmann's classification(33.3%).


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