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Journal of the Korean Academy of Family Medicine 1991;12(5):8-15.
Published online May 1, 1991.
The sociodemographic factors which influence marital satisfactionduring the school age stages of the family life cycle.
In Joo Kim, Sang Hyeon Lee, Doo Jae Choi, Ki Woo Kwak, Bang Bu Youn
결혼 만족도에 영향을 미치는 인구 사회학적 특성에 관한 연구 - 학동기의 부부를 대상으로 -
김인주, 이상현, 최두재, 곽기우, 윤방부
연세대학교의과대학 가정의학교실
In the many studies of the family relationship, it is essential to figure out the marital satisfaction to know how much the people of their society enjoy happy life and it is necessary to solve the causes of dissatisfaction to study which factors have irfluence and give satisfaction.
This study was performed in order to measure the sociodemogaphic factors which influence marital satisfaction during the school age stage of the family life cycle by the Dr. Olson's Marital Satisfaction Scale.
Responese to self-administered questionnaire, which were given to 120 married couples were analysed.

The results were as follows:
1. Maital satisfaction of those who are male(p<0.05), have higher income(p<0.01), have son in children(p<0.05) were significantly higher than those who are not. But, there were no significant differences in age, education levels, occupation, house, total family number, number of children, and living with their parents.
2. In marital satisfaction of married couples, the marital satisfaction scores of husband were significantly higher than those of wife in family which have income of 300-590 thousand won for month(p<0.01), have 4-6 persons in member, have two children, have son or sons in children, and which does not live wiht their parents(p<0.05).
3. In subscale analysis of marital satisfaction scale, the marital satisfaction scores of husband were significantly higher than those of wife in PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS(p<0.01), COMMUNICATION(p<0.01), SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP(p<0.01), ROLE RESPONSIBILITIES(p<0.05), RELATIONSHIP WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS(p<0.05), but, in the part of CONFLICT RESOLUTION, LEISURE ACTIVITY, the marital satisfaction of husband tend to be higher than those of wife but there were no significant difference, and the marital satisfaction scores of wife were higher than those of husband in FINANCIAL CONCERNS, PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY, RELIGIOUS ORIENTATION, but there were no significant difference.


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