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Korean J Fam Med. 2012;33(4):189-189
Publication date (electronic) : 2012 July 25
doi : https://doi.org/10.4082/kjfm.2012.33.4.189
Department of Family Medicine, Kangdong Sacred Heart Hospital, Hallym University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea.

Since June 2012, the Korean Journal of Family Medicine (KJFM) has been listed on PubMed Central (PMC). PMC is a free full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journals at the US National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine.1) Although PMC listing does not imply Medline listing, KJFM is included in the PubMed search, and it may result in an increase in citation of KJFM articles and increase in foreign researchers' manuscript submission. KJFM also has been listed on the Scopus since December 2011. Scopus, officially named SciVerse Scopus, is a bibliographic database containing abstracts and citations for academic journal articles. It covers nearly 18,000 titles from over 5,000 international publishers, including coverage of 16,500 peer-reviewed journals in the scientific, technical, medical, and social sciences. It is owned by Elsevier and is available online by subscription.2)

The KJFM's primary goal of foreign database listing can now be considered achieved, and we now aim to go one step further to our final goal - Science Citation Index (SCI) listing. SCI is a citation index originally produced by the Institute for Scientific Information, SCI covers more than 6,500 notable and significant journals, across 150 disciplines. These journals, which are chosen through a rigorous selection process, are among the world's leading journals of science and technology.3)

To be listed in the SCI, several conditions must be met. First, basic journal publishing standards -timeliness, international editorial conventions, English language bibliographic information, and peer review- must be met. This means that 1) KJFM must be published according to its stated publication schedule; 2) KJFM must have informative journal titles, descriptive article titles, full address information for every author, and complete bibliographic information for all cited; 3) article titles, author names, addresses, cited references, abstracts, and keywords of KJFM must be in English; and 4) the peer review process must be applied. Second, the editorial content of KJFM must be needed in the SCI database. Third, international diversity must be fulfilled. This means that authors, editors, and editorial advisory board members are from around the world. Fourth, citations to the journal itself (impact factor) and citations to the contributing authors, editorial board members of KJFM must be more than some point.4)

It is a very challenging task for KJFM to be listed in the SCI database. To do so, dedication of editorial board members and financial support of the Korean Academy of Family Medicine are required.


No potential conflict of interest relevant to this article was reported.


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