Erratum: The Relationship between Dog Ownership and Physical Activity in Korean Adults

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Korean J Fam Med. 2021;42(2):187-188
Publication date (electronic) : 2021 March 20
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Department of Family Medicine, Hanyang University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea
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Korean J Fam Med 2021;42:59-65

There was an error in the article, “The relationship between dog ownership and physical activity in Korean adults [1].” In the References list, two references were overlapped at No. 10, and then the reference numbers were incorrectly assigned. The list of correct references has been modified as follows:

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We sincerely apologized to the readers.


1. Park M, Park HK, Hwang HS, Park KY, Yim HH. The relationship between dog ownership and physical activity in Korean adults. Korean J Fam Med 2021;42:59–65.

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